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The Napa Valley Cannabis Association is led by a prestigious and diverse board, representing all corners of Napa County. Join us and become part of an exciting movement to protect our agricultural heritage, protect our premium wine growing region, while adding economic and crop diversity to a region that is known for premium, exceptional products.


Sign the petition for responsible green cannabis regulation!

Napa County Citizens for Responsible Green Cannabis Regulation is collecting signatures for a local ballot measure to allow the cultivation of cannabis in unincorporated parts of the county.


Meet the Napa Valley Cannabis Association.

The Association’s goal is to create a fully legal and open Napa Valley cannabis industry that is a natural partner to the existing wine and hospitality industry.


Member Spotlight: Stephanie Honig

Honig, who also serves as the Cannabis Association's president, called the idea of cultivating cannabis in the hills above the valley a win-win for both industries.

Napa Valley produces some of the best wines in the world. As members of this wonderful community, we have an obligation to protect our environment, create opportunities for the public and enhance our valley. The Napa Valley Cannabis Association is actively engaged in developing smart, sensible regulations for commercial cannabis operations, from seed to product, while promoting, protecting and enhancing the Napa Valley as a global agricultural region and premier visitor destination.”

Stephanie Honig

President, Napa Valley Cannabis Association

How we’re helping Napa


Smart Regulations

The Black Market is flourishing in California due to the lack of counties enforcing smart regulations for cannabis. In its absence, Napa County is allowing the black market to operate as it did before Prop 64, hampering law enforcement's ability to work with safe legal businesses.


Funding Critical Services

By making cannabis legal and taxing it, cannabis sales can provide much needed funds for critical issues facing the county, from funding public health needs or expanding public safety, including support for police, firefighters and first responders. By allowing cultivation on less than 1% of county land — far away from schools and day care centers — we can bring in millions of dollars every year for our hospitals, schools, roads and public safety services.


Improving Our Environment

Illegal cultivation of cannabis creates huge environmental problems from illegal pesticide use, hillside erosion, and illegal water diversions. Making cannabis legal and regulating where and how it is grown will end these illegal activities. It will require growers to focus on conservation, proper grading and tree protection, saving water and protecting the environment.



NVCA is committed to offering numerous educational forums throughout the county to educate and provide information about the health and safety of cannabis use.


Providing Quality Jobs

As Cannabis becomes legal in Napa County, it will provide new and diverse jobs for our citizens and create new revenues.