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By becoming a member of the Napa Valley Cannabis Association, you can be on the inside of an exciting movement that will shape a responsible, safe and tailored approach to the unique needs of Napa County and its future interests. This movement includes industry leaders in wine, law, marketing, financial services and small business. Join our grassroots community to ensure that Napa County creates cannabis regulations to benefit our unique community.


Government Relations

The Napa Valley Cannabis Association is actively engaged in creating smart and sensible regulations for commercial cannabis operations, from seed to product, while promoting, protecting and enhancing the Napa Valley as a world class agricultural region and visitor destination.


Education & Communications

The Napa Valley Cannabis Association is dedicated to sharing important information about best practices in cannabis, cannabis cultivation, safety, and premium cannabis products in the Napa Valley for consumers and tourists. We organize informational events for the public and regulators and partner with media entities and other forums.



The Napa Valley Cannabis Association is dedicated to a sustainable, responsible and premium industry, to ensure the best cannabis is grown and produced right here in Napa Valley. Once the right regulations are in place, the Association will assist the industry with marketing Napa grown cannabis as the premier choice for consumers and tourists.

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Become a member of the Napa Valley Cannabis Association and become part of an exciting movement in our history.

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