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Alicia Rose

Founder and CEO, HerbaBuena

A respected leader in California’s cannabis industry, Alicia founded HerbaBuena in 2015 to provide discerning consumers with exceptional products, trusted quality standards, informed guidance, and elevated experiences. With the goal of cultivating greater health, harmony, and higher consciousness for people and planet, HerbaBuena has pioneered the conscious cannabis movement and released the country’s first Demeter Certified Biodynamic cannabis.

Having run a vertically integrated cannabis company since 2015, there are few people more well versed or passionate about this extraordinary healing plant. Alicia crafts an award-winning portfolio of products unrivaled for their quality, purity, and full-spectrum, balanced effect, and has worked on writing the cannabis ordinances for three counties and four cities in the state of California.

Prior to cannabis, Alicia worked in Napa Valley to help establish the legacy of some of California’s most renowned wineries and 100-point winemakers.

Founding Board Member: Napa Valley Cannabis Association, Mendocino Cannabis Association, Wine & Weed Symposium, Weed Week Working group: Demeter USA Cannabis Standards Committee.

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